CALDERA Time Management Tool (TMT)


Time Management Tool is a comprehensive Time Management System that utilises advance functions to control Business and Project Time and Effort Costs while maintaining a User Friendly Time-Sheet Update and Approval environment

Superior Business and Project Time Control functions

  • Auto Lock CTR Function gives Project Manager option to automatically lock specific CTRs if they go over budget
  • Period Locks to prevent users from going back and modifying time-sheets
  • Utility Monitor function allows Administrator to monitor and amend timesheets and approvals online

User friendly Time-Sheet update and in system approvals
  • User friendly time-sheet screen provides hassle free time-sheet entry
  • In System Approvals reduces the need to print paper time-sheets
  • Lite-Web version of Time Management Tool allows user to key in time and approve time-sheets from anywhere

Wide range of Reports
  • Project time and effort costs can be Managed using various in built Cost Reports
  • Billing Reports provide Company the ability to Invoice Clients on Reimbursable Projects
  • Detailed Company Utilisation Reports for Top Management view
  • Manpower Charts and Reports
  • Detailed Accounting and Human Resource Reports to manage Company Over Heads

Full suite of Administration and Management
  • Detailed Business Setup breaking down to Departments and Disciplines tailored to Company Functions
  • Projects can be setup and controlled at detailed Cost Time Resources (CTR) Level
  • Comprehensive User Management provides Administrator with detailed User information, set up privileges and apply Cost and Billing rates for multiple projects