CALDERA Supplier Document Tracker (SD Track)


SDTrack is a comprehensive System that is designed to manage all aspects of Supplier Document control, on-line routing and approval, expediting function of first submission of critical documents and on-line document viewing

Manage supplier documents with ease and efficiency

  • Maintain overall Supplier Data Register of all documents received from suppliers per P.O.
  • Standard tracking of Supplier Document Requirement Lists (SDRL)
  • Provide storage or repository of all current & historical supplier deliverables
  • Organization of Documents within correct project, discipline/sub-folders in company server
  • Issuance of transmittal & routing done electronically and paperless
  • Remotely review and approve documents for review/approval
  • On-line document viewer and accessible worldwide

Comprehensive reporting tools
  • View Status of Supplier Data on a routing transmittal
  • Reports vs actual submission based on SDRL
  • Tracks resubmission dates
  • Overdue and Late Resubmission count per supplier

Full suite of Administration and Management
  • Detailed Business Setup breaking down to Departments and Disciplines tailored to Company Functions
  • Easy project set-up (cut-off, client logo, etc)
  • Easy user & group privileges set-up