CALDERA Engineering Progress and Document Management Tool (EPMT)


EPMT is an integrated Engineering progress and productivity measurement tool that combines major functions of Planning, Document Control and Engineering. While carrying out all the functions of Document Control, It also measures Engineering progress and productivity at detailed activity levels for optimal project controls. EPMT also has the ability of producing a Master Document Register (MDR) which updates progress automatically through document transmittals and is governed by Project rules of credit.

Quick and easy document transmittal and routing facilities

  • Fully customizable set up
  • Automatic update of revision and disposition
  • Send physical documents for review and comments
  • Smart notifications to notify all reviewers/informants

Progress management and productivity control
  • Utilizing earned value process
  • Detailed progress measurement and productivity management by CTR's and schedule activities

Repository with mass upload and download of documents
  • Store all documents on the system for easy access and audits
  • Mass upload and download of documents

Fully automated Master Document Register
  • Updates automatically based on transmittals/routings and pre-assigned Rules of Credit
  • Highlights late deliverables - by Planned and/or Forecast Dates
  • Provides 1/2/3.. weeks look ahead

Comprehensive Reports, Dashboards and status screens
  • Management Dashboard containing critical information
  • Progress and Productivity Reports
  • Informative Document Status Screens
  • Document Count Reports
  • Document Hold Register
  • Document Delay Reports
  • S-Curves
  • Manhour and Manpower Histograms
  • Benchmark reports for collecting Historical Data