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COST TRAX is a complete Cost Management Tool developed to produce comprehensive Cost Reports and perform detailed Forecasting based on Project Management Best Practices.
  • Get complete control over your Projects by getting real time information on Profitability of your Projects and Business Unit.
  • Use Earned Value Management and other Forecasting Techniques to Forecast Costs to Completion.
  • Keep ahead with latest information on Change Management, Cash Flows, Client Invoicing and other important aspects of Cost Management.
  • Keep track of your data with the ability to Submit Cost Reports online based on Project Cutoffs / Reporting Periods.
  • Easily enter all Project details and setup Cost Codes, Budgets and Reporting Periods efficiently.
  • Work on individual Forecast Screens designed specifically to breakdown and manage work per Highest Level of Cost Codes
  • Automatically upload Committed, Expended and Manhours Data and reconcile Commitment against Expenditure
  • Have complete control over Projects using the ‘Lock/Unlock Budget Function’ to control the Budget. Submit and Lock the Projects by Cutoffs/Reporting Periods.
  • Assign various read/write/printing permissions to individual Projects Personnel/Management by Projects.
  • Produce professional Cost Reports and other backups such as Change Order/Transfer Registers, Cash Flows, Client Invoicing Register, Overall Summary of Projects Report etc.
Price Details$2,300/m
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